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  Bridal Consultant Business - Work At Home  

Do you love weddings? Do you have experience planning them? If so, you could have a job as a wedding planner or a bridal consultant. This at home business does require more out of home planning, but this is a business you can run mostly from your home. The job of a consultant is to plan virtually all aspects of the wedding, around the bride and groom's wishes. For these who are very organized and pay attention to the details, this could be a great home based business for you.

The Job Of A Consultant

Before you consider starting a wedding planning business, keep in mind the stresses and demands of this job. First, you will need to find clients to work with. You may be able to network with friends and family at first and then later expand through advertising methods. Once you get the clients, you then need to work with them on a budget. Like most people, brides and grooms often want more from their money than they can get. It is your job to make the most of their budget and still make their dreams come true.

The bridal consultant will help with locating venues for the wedding and reception. They will help find entertainment, photographers, wedding attire, and transportation. The job of a consultant is often multifaceted. For example, they need to work with the bride and groom to make decisions while keeping the wedding within budget. The bridal consultant spends a lot of time ensuring that tasks have been completed, which is why organization is so important.

Starting This Business

If you are considering becoming a wedding consultant, you will need to be an expert on the area in which you live, so you know where professionals are located. You may wish to start planning weddings with friends and family who are more forgiving. Once you have some experience, you can network with churches and other groups to find brides and grooms to work with. There is little outlay of expenses in starting this type of job, but it is very important for you to have a contract that outlines what you will do.

For those that love a wedding, keep in mind that many bridal consultants also plan other large events such as anniversary parties, sweet 16 parties and some also do business events. There are often opportunities for bridal consultants who are outgoing and willing to go out and find the business.


Home Business  Handbook

Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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